Aspen Engineering has been providing retaining wall designs since 1995. The company specializes in mechanically stabilized earth structures. Typical project designs are for modular block walls, geogrid reinforced slopes and temporary walls.

We pride ourselves on expedient project completion, producing complete and understandable plans, and providing prompt communications.

Aspen designs have been part of commercial developments, department of transportation projects, mass transit projects, airports, and residential developments. Our clients are typically the retaining wall contractor, or the project owner, or the project engineer.

In 2013, Aspen Engineering was acquired by f3, inc. f3 provides engineering and environmental consulting services to commercial real estate owners, buyers and investors nationwide. The addition of Aspen Engineering has expanded our capabilities and allows us to better serve all of our clients.

Let us know how we can help you and your project.

We specialize in designing mechanically stabilized earth structures - modular block walls, geogrid reinforced slopes, temporary walls...and more!

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